New York, New York      2020 - present

I currently work as a Solutions Architect, helping customers create cloud native applications as well as transition workloads from on premises to the cloud.

  • Solutions Architect

    • Help customers maintain HIPAA compliance while building healthcare applications dealing with PII and PHI.
    • Work with customers to build a secure foundation and BCDR strategy reducing risk of threats like ransomware.


Hartford, Connecticut      2016 - 2020

  • Technical Lead

    • I worked as Lead Developer and AWS/Application Architect on a project to expose internal boat insurance product to consumers / agents by converting a mainframe app to a distributed system using .Net Core / NodeJS APIs, serverless Lambda functions, AWS, MariaDB, and MongoDB.
    • Wrote Lambda database query service for boat data to return in JSON payloads for front-end consumption.
    • Wrote .Net Core quote and policy searching application for aggregating data from both internal and external/vendor sources.
    • Lead team of nine developers and host design reviews & code reviews.
  • Before settling into the role of Tech Lead, I was a part of a Technology Rotational Development Program, and my work included a mix of development, architecture, design, and Agile/Scrum leadership responsibilities on diverse projects.

    • Software Engineer

      • Served as a core developer and co-scrum master for a two-year project to build the API platform for partner integrations, using TDD and a hybrid PCF/on-prem cloud strategy. I built API domains and service calls. I also ran daily standups and bi-weekly iteration planning for two 20-member Agile teams.
      • Provided development and enhancements for Gateway, a critical platform that accounts for ~70% of personal insurance sales and calculates rates based on data (e.g. car, address, history). Created and updated service calls, internal derivations, and performed data mapping.
    • Performance Architect

      • Led a performance testing team to stress/endurance test new partner APIs and dependencies in order to ensure smooth deployment to production. Contributed to regression testing of legacy systems.
    • Business Systems Analyst

      • Gathered technical requirements for multiple software projects including a client-facing portal, a mobile web app, and Gateway. Supported manual testing on an ad hoc basis.
    • Innovator

      • Collaborated with leadership to design and launch two quarterly developer events to enable experimentation and learning with tools outside the daily routine (Build Night) and to collaborate on unfunded business problems (Innovation Day). Build Night lessons have included AWS, .NET Core, PCF, and RESTful APIs.
      • Lead a six-member team as Head of Requirement Gathering & Resources for annual Travelers Innovation Jam, supporting 150 teams (~1000 developers) with provisioning (PCF, AWS, GitHub) and deployment of VMs and databases. Wrote a Python script to scrape spreadsheets of account credentials and email teams.
  • Quinnipiac University

    Master of Business Administration & Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

    • Competitively selected to participate in 4+1 BS+MBA program balancing graduate classes in undergraduate years.
    • Included coursework in France, Hungary, Italy, and Switzerland with a focus on working with different cultures in a corporate setting.
  • University of Connecticut

    Completed graduate level classes including Statistics in Business Analytics (R), Predictive Modeling, and Visual Analytics.



Certified Solutions Architect, Certified Developer, and Cloud Practitioner.


Master of merges, and provider peer reviews.


Ideation and execution of multiple initiatives, including Travelers Innovation Jam with over 1000 participants.


Strong proficiency in C# and building backend systems.


Script stress and endurance tests for RESTful APIs using open source tooling.


Certified Scrum Master and Agilist.